1. Daily 8 hours need to work (Mon- Sat) If anyone come late will go late after completing 8 hours.
  2. Half day work is not allowed either take full day leave or do full day work.
  3. 1 Emergency leave per month doesn’t deduct and allowed. If someone leaves exceed more than 2 leaves in Month then Emergency leave will also deduct, there will be no waived off emergency leave. All leaves will be deductable & Payable.
  4. If someone takes continuous leaves before or after Sunday then Sunday will be also paid leave and deduct. For example if someone take leave on Saturday or Monday then Sunday will be also counted in paid leave & deduct. Only on occasion Festivals this rule will not be applicable.

5.If someone leave company in mid without completing month then only working days are payable. All Sunday’s and Leaves will not counted and not Payable. Only days which has been work will be payable.

  1. If anyone wants Leave Company then need to give notice 15 days prior then can leave if someone will not give notice 15 days before the company will hold salary of 15 days. If anyone will give 15 days’ notice then leave then all Salary will be paid & dues will be cleared.
  2. Company can terminate any employees anytime if bad performance, excessive leaves, involved in activities during office work which affect company.
  3. During office work need to use Time Tracking Software always daily working time 8 hours will be calculated based on Software. Whenever daily 8 hours complete then can leave office. We don’t take extra time of any employees and guys also need to complete office time 8 hours.
  4. Guys need to do work efficiently for company we monitor performance of each guys.
  5. During office work only need to do work on task assigned, Involvement on Porn, Job sites, Social sites & what’s app not allowed.
  6. Usage of phone approx 2-3 minutes allowed, Its not allowed to use phone long time & enguage on What’s app and Facebook.